The 10 most Instagram worthy spots in Las Vegas…

Photo of New York-New York Hotel and Casino from the pedestrian bridge linking this hotel to the MGM Grand.

Finding that Instagram-worthy, artsy shot is a struggle for some and a high for others. While some people have a photographers eye, most aren’t even sure where to start. Like all of you, I am a traveler and a passport stamper that loves to capture memories in photos. While you’ll rarely see ME in a picture, because who wants to see me over and over and OVER again, I’ve been told by many people that they’ve enjoyed seeing the world through the lens of my camera.

Before I head out to any new destination, I don’t necessarily Google the best locations to capture photos, but I always research fun, interesting places and allow myself to be inspired….then my travel photography happens organically!

Being the native Las vegan that I am, I feel like I have some of the BEST insight when it comes to my hometown and so I felt both obligated and inspired to share what I’ve decided are the most Instagram worthy photography spots in all of Las Vegas!

ENJOY and GOOD LUCK on your photo adventures

1. The Bellagio Conservatory

The Bellagio Conservatory is an ever changing garden of magical inspiration. Whether you’re visiting during Chinese New Year and you get to witness the 15 foot tall floral pig or during the holidays for twinkle lights and mistletoe, you’ll never be disappointed with the curator’s display!

For obvious reasons–because of the crowds it draws–the best times to take photos here would be early in the morning (like sunrise) OR very late at night.

And while you’re here, make sure to snap a picture of the Chihuly blown glass art hanging from the ceiling of the Bellagio’s main foyer!

2. The Bellagio Fountains

The fountains at dusk…

No explanation is needed for this spot…it’s truly iconic and has been highlighted in many Hollywood movies from Ocean’s Eleven to The Hangover. You can watch the water display every half hour from 3 p.m. on, and the closer it gets to midnight, expect to see those cannons blast water 50 feet into the air every 15 minutes!

3. The Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

Never been to Paris, France but dream of seeing the iconic Eiffel Tower? Look no further than the Paris Hotel and Casino! While you might not get the same butterflies you would by seeing the REAL thing, it’s a wonderfully close second, and it still makes me smile every time I walk past it. Have some extra time on your hands? Grab a crepe from Mon Ami Gabi or a delicious bloody Mary from Hexx. Both restaurants are positioned directly on Las Vegas Boulevard and have FABULOUS patio dining where you can relax, people watch and watch the Bellagio fountains from the comfort of a chair with a cocktail in hand!

Bloody Mary at Mon Ami Gabi.
This photo was taken from the Bellagio looking east toward the Paris Hotel and Casino.

4. Seven Magic Mountains

Did you rent a car? GOOD FOR YOU, you made the right decision! Admittedly, MOST hotels in Vegas are going to charge you to park, but the hotel you stay at will likely include it in the price of your stay. And while the prices can be steep, RENTING A CAR IN VEGAS IS WORTH IT! Yeah, sure there’s A LOT to see on the strip, but there’s more to see OFF THE STRIP!

25 minutes south of the city on Las Vegas Boulevard, heading toward southern California, sits a random art installation named Seven Magic Mountains. There isn’t really much I can say about these colored rocks standing 30 feet high in the middle of the desert, except if you catch them at the right time of day like sunrise or sunset, you’ll capture a pretty epic photo and the crowds should be minimal!

They’re definitely worth the short drive if you rented a car because, DUH, you need that Instagram photo!

5. The Neon Museum Las Vegas

The Neon Museum is a local boneyard housing all the old, iconic Las Vegas signs that, once upon a time, lit up this amazing city!

This wonderful plot of land filled with Vegas history is open to the public with the purchase of a ticket, but if you’re feeling a little EXTRA (you are in VEGAS after all), pay an additional fee, hire yourself a professional photographer, buy a pretty dress and have a photo shoot! Because nothing is more Instagram worthy than professional photos taken next to OLD VEGAS LANDMARKS!

6. Valley of Fire State Park

Pink Canyon

Still have that rental car? That’s right, of course you do…

Now we’re going to head northeast out of town toward Utah and do some hiking and site seeing in the Valley of Fire. Catch this at the wrong time of year (hint hint: SUMMER), and it really will be the VALLEY OF FIRE, but any other time and you’ll make some amazing memories and take some fabulous photos whether you hike or not. Most tourists don’t realize that these beautiful rock formations are 45 minutes outside of Vegas, but us locals do, and we love to hike here too!

Elephant Rock

7. The Las Vegas sign

Would it even be a Vegas trip if you didn’t stop at the the Las Vegas sign? Ehhh, I think not. Prepare to wait in a line because this is probably THE most Instagramable place in the entire city. Parking can be a drag, so my local tip is to either Uber over OR park at the Harley Davidson shop across the street and walk the 100 yards.

8. Downtown Las Vegas

Local street art…

The street art scene in Vegas is poppin’! Downtown has always tried to BE COOL but felt short for most of my life. Fast-forward to a few years ago and the emergence of the annual Life is Beautiful festival, and we’re now heavy competition for any hipster city on the west coast. Amidst the large art installations you’ll find some colorful wall art, GREAT food and some of the coolest bars our city has to boast.

The HOMER at the Donut Bar…

I’m not just about buildings and scenery…my Instagram is filled with food too! Vegas is home to some of the best eats and celebrity chefs in the world. So while you’re strolling downtown, make sure to stop at the Donut Bar and grab that photo worthy sweet treat. Buyer beware…this place is AMAZING and when they sell out of donuts, they lock the doors until the next morning. So get there early and have your camera ready, because you’ll wanna share this spot with everyone.

Fremont Street Experience
Colored pipe art installation next to the Smith Center in downtown Las Vegas.

9. The Linq High Roller

The High Roller at dawn….an empty promenade makes for the BEST photos!

Soaring 550 feet into the Las Vegas sky, the High Roller is the LARGEST observation wheel in the world and reveals some of the most amazing views this city has to offer. One revolution of the wheel takes 30 minutes and in my personal opinion, the BEST photos happen on a cloudy day at sunset!

When you’ve completed your ride, head down to the Promenade and grab a west coast favorite In & Out Burger and chocolate shake or some of Gordon Ramsey’s fish and chips.

Want to get this EPIC Instagram photo? Rest your little head at the Linq Hotel and Casino and get access to this amazing roof-top pool with a view!

10. Red Rock Canyon

You’re STILL driving that rental car, right? Good! Head west on Charleston Boulevard–just 20-25 minutes from the Strip–and you’ll find yourself in one of the most beautiful places in the world! I’m definitely bias….this place is my FAVORITE and holds so may memories, but all that aside, the geological splendor of the red rocks is unlike anything you’ll ever see again.

Pack a lunch and park at the observation pullout or pay a small national parks fee, and circle The Loop and do a little hiking. No matter what, DO NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA, you’ll regret it if you do!

And my personal tip is: Catch this site on a cloudy, gloomy day; it makes for the BEST Instagram photos!

I hope you enjoy your Instagram photography tour of Las Vegas–follow me to see some more AMAZING things my hometown has to offer:

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