Momlife: My WHY…

I’m sitting here and it’s 9 o’clock at night. My almost 11 month old son is jumping in his bouncer, I have Sex and the City playing in the background and I finally decided to put my thoughts on paper (or in my laptop), so that I can eventually share them with all of you.

I am no one special. Genuinely. I am a 35 year old woman, who on most days, is a HOT MESS. My hair is rarely done. My staple outfit is black leggings and a black tunic of some sort (Black is my favorite color–It’s my thing).

Since giving birth in February 2018, I have worn a full face of makeup maybe 4-5 times. Frankly, who on earth has time for all that…? Between loads of laundry, homework, a teething baby and a not-giving-a-hoot attitude, makeup is a rarity these days and I am perfectly ok with that. BUT don’t be mistaken, I am a skincare whore. I LOVE SKINCARE—that’s a blog for another day. Let’s be honest, you won’t see me wearing foundation and powder most days BUT you won’t catch me without eyebrows and mascara! Lady, you gotta have your brows—no excuses!!!

So back to being a hotmess. My friends and have been calling ourselves that for over 15 years, since our days of being a bunch of Porch Hags drinking wine and smoking cigarettes on the patio of my best friend’s apartment. For the record, they smoked the cigarettes, but we all partook in the wine. Most of us were 20 something single girls who bitched and whined about work and boys and how fat we thought we were. We’d sit there in out sweats, sans makeup, sipping on that cheap, budget friendly vino, feeling happy and content to be around like mindedness. Deep down were we just a bunch of hotmesses trying to get our lives together.

Fast forward 15 years later and I somehow find myself back to where I started…A MESS. I’m not where I want to be career wise, I have an 40 extra pounds lingering on my frame that I can’t seem to lose, on most days I’m covered in baby vomit, my crown is the Mom Bun, I am a divorcee, I often still grieve the sudden loss of my father, and I try my damndest to make sure the relationships I value feel valued in return.

I like to cook. I LOVE TO BAKE. I enjoy crafting. Fall weather. Coffee is my vice. I never feel like I sleep enough. My main priority is my son and my relationship with his father who I affectionately call Baby Daddy. And I am forever trying to finish my bachelor’s degree.

I have lots to say and the vast majority of it may be meaningless to most, but the day I finally write about my failed marriage or my battle with depression after losing my father, and it touches just one person, I will have accomplished what I set out to do.

I in no way have this ISH figured out. Most days I have a game plan, and have both a list in my head and on paper, but some days the dishes don’t get done or I procrastinate on doing my homework so I can spend more time with my son. Somedays I’ll choose to just zone out and relish in the nothingness of the Food Network or the Kardashians (they’re a hotmess too), watching BS T.V. once he’s gone to sleep.

So as the weeks go on I plan to share more about me personally, but also how I’m teaching my son to read, food that I love to cook, DIY things that I love to craft, my traveling adventures, and all my successes and failures in between! Stay tuned because I plan to blog my way through all ODD Pinterest posts that you look at but never try: from doing a protein shake fast (God help me) to that 30 day squat challenge that you never completed! And I want to talk about the touchy topics that some people shy away from like death, birth control, and female reproductive health. While I was lucky enough to be raised by a crunchy, hippie Mom who was never afraid to make me feel uncomfortable with her conversations, I recognize that most women never had that same learning experience and need to be educated.

But what I am most excited about is my hope to feature other Mom Bloggers as guest writers so that they can share not only their experiences and failures throughout parenting, but their tips and tricks to balancing life alongside careers, multiple children, dating, relationships and more.

It is IMPORTANT that as women that we encourage one other and be each other’s defender and teammate. My blog will not be a place for trolls or mean girls. Take that nonsense and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Or do. DO LET IT HIT YOU. Let it smack you in the face, because it’s 20 freakin’ 19 and ain’t nobody got time for your shenanigans.

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