50 Things to do in Las Vegas

I’m a NATIVE Las Vegan of 36 years and prior to having my son one year ago, I was definitely the girl-about-town too. So trust me when I tell you, I know the in’s and out’s of this AMAZING city when it comes to attractions, food and what you should be doing next! Follow along while I offer you: 50 Things to do in LAS VEGAS!

*Links attached to every selection for ease of booking your next adventure!

My HOME-sweet-HOME!

1. High Roller at The Linq

High Roller at The Linq

2. Slotzilla

Zipline through the iconic Downtown Las Vegas…


3. Madalay Bay Shark Reef and Encounters Program

Have you ever wanted to feed stingrays or sea turtles?
How about swimming with sharks…this is your place!

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef and Encounters Program

4. Las Vegas Golden Knights

The most successful expansion team in all of sports history is here in Las Vegas! Voted the BEST Fan Experience in the NHL, check out a game by downloading the Flashseats App on your phone and grab some amazing last minute seats just before the game starts!

Vegas Golden Knights

5. Topgolf

Get a private suite with your own personal server, eat some good food, watch a game, take a dip in a pool, listen to great music and of course, SWING SOME CLUBS!


6. Magic Mike Las Vegas

Trust me when I tell you this is a FUN FUN FUN girls night out! Every lady has a type of man that she’s attracted to, and I promise you’ll find him here! It’s a small, intimate venue so there’s not a bad seat in the house!

Magic Mike

7. Drink a Bloody Mary at Todd English’s PUB

It’s as crazy and FUN, but most importantly it’s as DELICIOUS as it looks!

Drink a Bloody Mary at Todd English P.U.B.

8. The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

It’s a tourist staple…but be prepared to wait in line because it’s one of the most photographed spots in the whole city!

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

9. Sunbuggy Fun Rentals

Not afraid of a little DIRT?
Take a ride in a buggy and enjoy the dunes that surround this cool town of ours!

Sunbuggy Fun Rentals

10. Take a hike…

Head west and visit our BEAUTIFUL Red Rocks…
Or head northeast and go to the Valley of Fire!

Hiking at Red Rock or Valley of Fire

11. The Neon Museum

Every amazing sign in Vegas’ 100 year history is located in this boneyard of glittering magic…

Neon Museum

12. Catch a Cirque du Soleil show

There’s soooooooo MANY to choose from….O at the Bellagio, Mystere at the TI, Zumanity at NY-NY and a few more. Click the link for all your Vegas options!

Cirque du Soleil show

13. Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Afraid to jump out of a plane but want to feel that rush of air and weightlessness of flying…? Consider this giant wind tunnel located just off the strip and let the professionals teach you their tricks and flips!

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

14. Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden

Siegfried & Roy have been a Vegas staple since the Mirage opened in the early 90’s, and while they’re not preforming anymore, their beloved tigers are always available to watch lay around!

Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden

15. Big Apple Roller Coaster

Get your adrenaline pumping with a loop-de-loop coaster in the heart of the Vegas strip!

Big Apple Coaster at NYNY

16. Bellagio fountains & the Conservatory

The fountains at dusk…
The Conservatory changes it design seasonally and with particular holidays approaching. Needless to say, you can visit the Bellagio in March and it will certainly look different in July–no two designs are ever the same!

Bellagio fountains & the Conservatory

17. Speed Vegas

Located 20 minutes south of the Strip on Las Vegas Blvd. Speed Vegas will fulfill your wildest dreams of driving luxury cars like Corvettes, Mustangs, Porsches, and GTRs. This will definitely satisfy your need for speed!

Speed Vegas

18. Circus Circus Midway

This place is for little kids and big kids alike. I have many-a-childhood memories here with my Grandma and have since returned as an adult to partake in the carnival games and flying trapeze! Escape the Vegas heat, grab a beer and let your competitive side come out!

Circus Circus midway

19. Take an ATV tour

Whether you’re a local, in town for a girls weekend, or that infamous bachelor party, consider taking the show off roads and hop on some ATV’s to see beauty of the Mojave Desert!

ATV tours with DeTour Vegas

20. The Golden Nugget’s pool

Most locals know about this place…located in the heart of downtown, this iconic hotel had an entire pool overhaul a few years back and next thing you knew, you were swimming with SHARKS!
No, not really, but you can take a water slide through the middle of a shark tank. Does that count?

Golden Nugget pool

21. Dig This

Something about boys and their toys….while I have zero interest in digging in the dirt and playing with over-sized CAT machinery, lots of people find this stuff cool. So after a short training class and under the supervision of a professional, you can make your childhood sandbox dreams come true!

Dig This

22. Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace

You’ll spend a pretty penny in this place, but if buffets are your thing, then this is THE place to go!
Fresh seafood, tacos, sushi, chicken and waffles, pizza, antipasto, roasted meats and more! There’s literally food as far as the eye can see…

Bacchanal buffet

23. Lake Las Vegas Water Sports

Escape the heat once again by heading 30 minutes away from the Vegas strip and hop in good ‘ole Lake Mead for some fun times and water activities.

Las Vegas Water Sports

25. Zipline through Bootleg Canyon

This might not be like ziplining through the Mexican jungles or Hawaiian forests, but you’ll take on a whole new appreciation for our beautiful desert from high above!

Zipline at Bootleg Canyon

26. Seven Magic Mountains

About 25 minutes off the Las Vegas strip, sits an art installation in the middle of the desert called Seven Magic Mountains. During the day it’s filled with tourists, and frankly, you won’t be able to get the great picture if you tried.
But like THIS photo shows, taken at the right time of day like dawn or dusk, these seven 30-foot tall colored rock statues will really create something magical for your Instagram!

Seven Magic Mountains

27. Go to a Wrecking Room or an Escape Room

Wrecking Room

Escape Room

28. Have dinner and see a show at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

It’s has a cabaret-like feel with a three-piece band and lounge singers. The food is delicious and the drinks, even better. Make sure to get a reservation for Friday and Saturday nights, as it’s definitely the place to be!

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

29. Mob Museum

Did you know that the Mob once ran Vegas? They did, it’s true.

Mob Museum

30. Pinball Hall of Fame

How many pinball machines are in the Pinball Hall of Fame?
Yep, I said 200!
Pinball machines were my jam when I was a kid and I bet they were yours too.
Kill a few hours of your days and travel back in time playing your favorite game with your favorite people!

Pinball Hall of Fame

31. Watch Le Reve at the Wynn

This, undoubtedly, is my FAVORITE show in Vegas–I’ve seen it five times, so that should tell you something. It’s an aerial water show with the theater built in the round so there isn’t a bad seat in the house! You don’t want to miss this one!!!

Le Rêve at the Wynn

32. Visit Hoover Dam

It’s a giant marvel in the middle of the desert that stands 726 feet high, 650 feet thick at it’s base and 45 feet thick at the top. When it was finished in 1936 it was the world’s largest hydroelectric power station in the world. For more details and beautiful views, make sure you take a visit!

Hoover Dam

33. Feast on Italian EVERYTHING at Eatly

You want the best Italian wine….it’s here.
You want a real hand-made Italian cannoli….it’s here.
You want a charcuterie board and an ice cold Peroni….it’s here too!!!
Basically, when I walked into this place I felt like I was back in Italy and it made my heart happy, so venture over here and make your heart happy too!


34. Catch a Broadway show at the Smith Center

Whether you’re a local or coming into town for a long weekend, make sure to look for tickets because at any given time you might be able to see The Book of Mormon or Lion King last minute!

Smith Center

35. Esports Arena at the Luxor

The NEWEST gaming hotspot in Vegas!

Esports Arena

36. Visit Fremont Street Experience

To me, this is the ULTIMATE people watching spot in the entire city! Grab a beer, a hotdog, catch a FREE concert and watch the street performers do their “thing.”

Fremont Street Experience

38. Take a sunset gondola ride at Lake Las Vegas

ROMANCE. Need I say more?

Gondola ride at Lake Las Vegas

39. Catch an outdoor play at Spring Mountain Ranch

Picnics. Family time. Live theater at a cheap cost. What’s better than that!

Spring Mountain Ranch

40. SkyJump Las Vegas

Ever felt like jumping off a building?
I sure hope not, but if you DO feel like dumping some adrenaline, how about a controlled descent from 829 feet above the Las Vegas strip!

SkyJump Las Vegas

41. Go to Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace

It’s sexy and raw.
You’ll laugh, your jaw will drop and you’ll certainly have a GREAT time!
Not suitable for children under 18, so hopefully that gives you an idea of the fun to be had!


42. Take a Foodie Tour

Donut Bar–Downtown Las Vegas

Foodie Tour

43. Take a dip in the Gold Strike Hot Springs

What’s better after a long, hot hike along the Colorado River than a dip in the water and an ice cold beer!

Gold Strike Hot Spring

44. Join House Seats

Have you ever wanted to be a seat filler?
Then this thing is for you!
For a small annual fee you’ll have access to a database full of last minute tickets that venues GIVE AWAY the day of the event.
Click yes, print a voucher and head to the show…the rest is all FUN!

House Seats

45. Go wine tasting in Pahrump

Who knew grapes grew in the desert?
It’s not Paso Robles or Sonoma, California BUT for a place that gets as blistering as 120 degrees in the summer, it’s pretty freaking awesome!

Pahrump Valley Winery

46. Get a tropical drink at Frankie’s Tiki Room

I first learned about this place about a decade ago when I was working in surgery at the hospital next door–it became a regular spot that we’d go to after a long, tough day. Sit in a bamboo chair, sip on a rum infused drink and shoot the ish with locals, tourists and other medical professionals!

Frankie’s Tiki Room

47. Hit up First Friday

The first Friday of every month in Vegas is definitely a good time.
So whether you’re a local who’s never been or a tourist who’s visiting our eclectic city on this particular day, take an hour or two to come downtown and mingle with the locals.
Grab a beer, buy some hand-made art, eat some grub from the city’s best food trucks, listen to live music….and see a different side of Vegas!

First Friday

48. Visit the Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve features museums, galleries, outdoor events, a colorful botanical garden and an interpretive trail system, the Springs Preserve has evolved into a world-class attraction providing a glimpse of the origins of Las Vegas.
Catch it on the right weekend and attend some great “adult” events like Brews & Blues and Grapes and Hops–the perfect time to eat, drink and be merry!

Springs Preserve

49. Attend one of our awesome festivals

Most people, locals included, don’t even realize how many AWESOME, fun, family-friendly events are going on in this town from one weekend to the next! So whether you’re interested in art in the park, concerts, aloha festivals, BBQ cook offs, gun shows, comic shows, car shows……See where I’m going here? Anything you can dream up is probably coming to town! Check out the link below for a 2019 calendar of events that’s jam packed with new things to do!

Festival Calendar

50. Make sure to come back!!!

*I get it, Vegas isn’t for everyone.
It’s a STRANGE town and a melting pot of humanity.
Our weather is unpredictable: extreme heat, rain, wind, etc.; the drivers are insane; and the “lifestyle” can be off-putting if you weren’t expecting it….so I encourage you to really PLAN your trip before you head here.
Do a little research, think about what’s important to you and then book your excursions, shows and reservations. If you’re the kind of tourist that doesn’t want to see ladies run around half naked because it’s 115 degrees outside, consider visiting in the winter when the average high is 50 degrees. If the heat in general affects you, don’t bother visiting here from June to September because you’ll be miserable!!!
And if you’re adventurous and want to see more than the Strip, consider renting a car–Vegas is laid out in a grid and it’s difficult -to get lost! There’s so much more to do and see beyond that 5 mile stretch of land that you’ve seen in the movies!
So, if you’re the person that’s been here and said you’ll never go back….I highly encourage you to try it again because this city, MY CITY, is really something special!

Looking for the best INSTAGRAM spots in Vegas, check out my other link:

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