5 Super Bowl Snacks You Need to be Serving!

Super Bowl Sunday is the ultimate gathering of friends and family—frankly, I think people are more excited for the Big Game’s festivities than they are holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that’s conversation for another day!

While most people gather to watch the game itself, the larger portion uses this time to socialize, drink with friends and stuff their face!

So if food is a priority for your guests or you’re just looking to WOW the Host of the party you’re attending, follow this post for my:


*Image from FoodNetwork.com
  • Parmesan Meatball Bites in a Blanket are the PERFECT addition to any party and with only a 5 ingredient shopping list, these little guys are effortless and easy to prepare!  Undoubtedly, they’ll be the Italiano hit of the party!
  • Charleston Cheese Dip Trisha Yearwood really hit it out of the park with this dip and with less than 10 ingredients to combine, you can’t mess this up if you tried! Well reviewed on FoodNetwork.com’s website with comments like, “Everyone asked me for the recipe,” and “I left the party with an empty dish…” this is obviously something YOU need to experience too!
  • Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders These definitely take a bit more effort, but they’re my personal GO-TO party dish…I make them for holiday parties, Christmas dinner, baby showers…you name the event, and I’ve constructed these sliders! They’re buttery and fluffy! They’re cheesy and savory! This WILL BE the one dish that people will ask you for the recipe for….so share OR don’t share, and let them be your little secret weapon!
Image from FoodNetwork.com
  • Bang Bang Shrimp The only reason I go to Bone Fish Grill besides seeing my friend Sadie and the Pomegranate Martini she makes me, is to eat Bang Bang Shrimp. Often imitated but never duplicated–UNTIL NOW! This is about as spot on as it gets and with only 7 ingredients, you can have this tossed together and served to your guests in less than 20 minutes! Serve it over a bed of iceberg lettuce and bring disposable chop sticks for a truly authentic experience!
  • Cheeseburger Dip The Food Network’s Eddie Jackson wasn’t playing when he created this recipe. If you want an invite back to next year’s Super Bowl and the year after that and the year after that—MAKE THIS! It’s rich and savory and worthy of your party experience!

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